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Why Choose Us?

Our Differentiators

When you want to make the best use of technology for the growth of your organization, one of the most important factors is the partner that you decide to work with. You need someone who can empathize with you and is able to relate to the nuances of your business, whether hard or soft. At Agrim Tech, we take pride in differentiating ourselves from other such solution providers on various counts. Listed below are some such factors.


Unbiased and Objective

The interests of our clients is paramount for us and we avoid technology or vendor affiliations. 

We make our choices objectively and on the basis of the business requirements of the client.

Language of Business.jpg

We Understand the Language of Business

Technology solutions are designed to meet business objectives and we understand the language of business very well. We design our solutions keeping various business nuances in mind. That is why our solutions are well accepted and easily adopted.

End to End Solutions.jpg

End to End Solutions

We get deep into the clients' requirements and understand those holistically and comprehensively before designing the solution. We challenge the status quo and don't cut corners.

Cost effective and timely.jpg

Cost Effective and On Time Delivery

We study and understand the business requirements thoroughly to avoid cost and time overruns. We follow sound project management methodologies and mitigate all the envisaged risks. Our delivery model is customized and tweaked to suit the client situation.

Total Ownership.jpg

Total Ownership

We take full responsibility for the delivery of the solution to ensure that the business objectives are met. We have our methodologies and processes that ensure governance and include all the participants and stakeholders.


Our founder, Mudit Agarwal, is an ex-CIO who has worked in multiple industries like manufacturing, telecommunications, foods and consumer goods in multiple global organizations. Having done BE from Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Ranchi, India and MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow, India, our founder brings a rich experience of 28 years to the organization.

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