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Understanding the Organization’s Vision and Business Goals – Step One in Digitalization Journey

In continuation to the previous article ‘Navigating the Digital Transformation Maze: A Methodical Approach’, we will talk about the first step in this one. Understanding an organization's vision and business goals is the fundamental step in creating a Digital Roadmap. Many a times organizations jump directly into the technical aspects of the Digital initiatives without giving much consideration to this step only to realize at a much later stage that the business outcomes are difficult to come by.

We feel that having a structured approach helps the organization and given below is what we recommend:

1. Stakeholder Engagement:

Conduct interviews or workshops starting with the senior executives, department heads, and managers. Their insights are invaluable in shaping the organization's vision and objectives. Employees at various levels have a unique understanding of day-to-day operations and customer interactions.

You might want to consider creating a questionnaire on the lines of sample given here.

2. Review Existing Documentation:

Review the organization's mission and vision statements. These statements often provide a concise summary of the organization's long-term purpose and aspirations. Examine any existing strategic plans, annual reports, or documents outlining the organization's strategic objectives. These documents can provide valuable historical context.

3. Leadership Workshops:

Conduct workshops or strategy sessions with senior leadership and key decision-makers. These sessions should focus on envisioning the organization's future and defining high-level business goals.

Attaching a sample questionnaire here to provide a perspective on the aspects that need to be touched upon.

4. Documentation and Validation:

Record the outcomes of stakeholder engagement, workshops, and analyses. This documentation forms the basis for the organization's vision and high-level business goals.

Share the proposed vision with stakeholders for validation and refinement. It's essential to ensure buy-in and alignment among key decision-makers.

5. Continuous Review:

Regular Review: Recognize that the organization's vision and goals may evolve over time. Schedule regular reviews to ensure that the digital roadmap remains aligned with the organization's strategic direction.

By following a structured approach, you can effectively uncover the organization's vision and business goals, setting the stage for the development of a comprehensive Digital Roadmap.

Mudit Agarwal

Agrim Tech Services

Sample Questionnaires

Questionnaire for CEO - understanding organization vision and business goals
Download PDF • 141KB

Questionnaire for senior and middle level executives - understanding organization vision a
Download • 137KB

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